Universal JavaScript Calendar Control
(Simplify entry of date fields on your web-pages)

Why Universal Calendar control-

  1. Widest browser support -works on IE4+ and NS4+.
  2. Speed and small footprint:
  3. Optimized User Interface:
  4. Flexible usage:
  5. Wide date format support:
  6. Examples of supported date formats:
Check it out for yourself.
(dd-mon-yyyy) 2000-2002
Set (dd-MON-yy) 1990-2005
(dd month yyyy) 1980-2010
(mm/dd/yyyy) 2000-2010
Universal Calendar control is shareware. You are welcome to download and try it for free. However, if you find it good enough to use it for any purpose -personal, commercial or non-commercial, a nominal contribution of US$ 12.00 is expected.

In exchange for your contribution, I would entertain support requests from you.

Download Universal Calendar
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Programmer guide.

Updated: December 2002.
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Author's note: There are several similar date controls available on the Internet for free. So why am I writing a new one and why am I charging for it?

When I needed a date control for my project, I kept deferring the calendar issue knowing I can get one from the Internet anytime. However, when I actually started looking for one, I found all the good points I needed, but not in the same control. The biggest problems were lack of full browser support, irritating flickering and sluggish response. That is the reason Universal Calendar was born - flicker free, fast and universal. Actually, when I started I was not sure if I could get all these goodies to fit in the same script - but it is amazing what you can achieve, when you make it your design goal.

If the issues that led to the creation of Universal Calendar are important to you, then 12 dollars is a small amount. Otherwise, there are so many free ones available.

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